My Dear Young Friends ,

I take this opportunity to thank the Almighty Lord for his abundant blessings and guidance from our patron Saint St. Mary, parents, students, teachers and well wishers.

There is a great saying :  “Real education fetches you /  more than a job. It teaches you to live. It cannot be measured in any tangible way.

School is a lighthouse showing light to the whole world. Every child is potentially the light of the world.

We focus on education for life rather than just for a living. Our systematically designed curriculum aims at transforming the world through illumined and transformed global citizens.

We groom the blooming buds into responsible global citizens who combine the qualities of head and heart.

 We have focused on the holistic development of the students. To avoid lengthy presentation, the report will be a nutshell of all.

 I duly appreciate the tremendous co-operation on the part of everyone associated with this institution who have strived their best to mould our students to work hard to make their dreams and aspiration come true.

Sr. Ancy